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We have a vision: A CO2-free life – for everyone.

Our earth is endangered and we now have the responsibility to make a difference. For future generations. For our children and grandchildren – but also for us!

In the discussion about a CO2 free life, one word is always mentioned: renunciation. We at Carbensate think it is important that everyone questions their current lifestyle. But we also know that not everyone will give up everything. For one person, the car is indispensable, and for another, Sunday roast. Some like to discover the world and don’t want to miss out on a flight. Still others love the world of fashion and would like to wear new outfits.

So it will never happen that everyone reduces their CO2 emissions to zero. We say: That is not even necessary!

Why? Because although you can achieve a lot as an individual, the reduction of CO2 in the air needs to be thought of more in order to make it happen. This is where we come in.
What is carbensate?

Carbensate thinks bigger. Carbesate wants to make it possible for everyone to reduce their CO2 footprint to zero without sacrificing their favourite things. We provide for a world with less CO2 in our atmosphere.

Over the last 200 years the CO2 content in the atmosphere has increased dramatically. To stop climate change, it is not enough to simply reduce CO2. It should be reduced to almost zero. Carbensate has recognized this and is taking the CO2 out of the air and permanently underground – where it comes from.
How does carbensate intend to achieve this goal?

For years, methods have been researching how CO2 can be effectively removed from the atmosphere. Among other things, there is a method of bringing CO2 back underground. Carbensate collects carbon dioxide from the air, converts the carbon contained in it into a more stable form and then puts it back underground.

With carbensates, we are of course aware that everyone must also save CO2 in order to break the dependency on fossil resources. For this purpose we want to offer seminars in which you learn how to effectively save CO2 without having to give up the really important things in your life completely.
When will you start?

We want to bring the first CO2 2021 under the earth!
For this we need your help!

To reach our goal we need supporters who share our vision and want to get the CO2 on the air together with us.

How you can help us:
“Alone you have power – Together we have force.”

We can’t do it alone. That’s why we need support. Everyone can help: We are looking for people who have contacts in politics, who want to support us financially or who want to work actively with us.

Together with the goal of declaring war on CO2 in the air.

If you are interested in joining Carbensate, please contact us.

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