Going beyond net zero

Carbensate is a company developing a secure & highly scalable CO2 sink!

What we do

We bind carbon and store it to reduce the atmospheric CO2 concentration. To archive this, we use a well-researched but newly implemented method called Hydrothermal Carbonization. For the stored carbon we issue high-quality, blockchain-based certificates which can be used by companies, cities or countries to reduce their scope emissions to net zero. Or beyond...

Who we are

Carbensate is a german based start-up. We consist of a team of experts in various fields. From Aeronautics and Climate Economics, to Physics and Ecology. We all share the goal of reducing the atmospheric CO2 concentration. In doing so, we want to combat climate change and thus contribute to a just and safe world.

How we do it

In our process, we physically store CO2. Carbensate reverses the traditional process of burning coal by doing the opposite:
We produce coal via the HTC process. The produced coal is then stored safely and forever. Why will this work?
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The Carbensate Process

The sun and global ecosystems do most of the work. More efficiently than humans could, they bind atmospheric CO2 and build larger carbon compounds. Through reactions like combustion and decomposition, most of these compounds find their way back into the atmosphere. This is where we want to take carbon out of the cycle. And put it back where it belongs: Into the ground!

  • Biomass acquisition Our process works with various types of biomass, wet and dry alike. As long as it contains enough carbon, we can make coal from it. We start with sewage sludge.
  • HTC Sequestration Hydrotermal carbonization is a well-researched, but to date, only narrowly applied process. Biomass, moderate heat and pressure are used to produce a coal similar to lignite. It is the same process that occurs in nature over millions of years. Only, we do it faster. About a billion times faster. Maybe more...
  • Storage This coal is then stored safely under, but near ground. Abandoned surface mines are the perfect places for this aim.
  • Certificate The amount of stored CO2 is then issued as a certificate. With our blockchain-based process, we ensure that all steps are transparently tracked and monitored. This process is mostly carried out by external parties.

We want to SCALE this.

We will deploy this process worldwide. To do so, we are looking for strategic partners and investors. This technology will globally change how we deal with climate-issues. If you want to become part of it, leave us a!

Still have questions?

Learn more about the technology we use and the science behind it.